JS Nigari series

What is “JS Nigari series” ?

JS Nigari

There are various types of coagulants used to make tofu, including magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate, crude seawater magnesium chloride, emulsified nigari (bittern) and GDL.Z

The coagulants Taiki Bussan has developed is a totally new type of coagulant, differentiated from existing products in the market.

They are named as “JS Nigari Okinawa,” a kind of crude seawater magnesium chloride, and “JS Nigari N70,” a kind of magnesium chloride.

Products from “JS Nigari series” are the coagulants that combine vegetable oil and natural wax to realize dispersing quality and slow-acting effect at same time. Made from natural ingredients only, they don’t include emulsifying agents.

They bring out the natural flavor and aroma of soy beans to make tofu that tastes really good. They don’t include emulsifying agents so it is not necessary to be processed with a high-shear mixer. Combined with our newly-developed tofu coagulation machine “Silent Core” that doesn’t shear but churns soy milk without damages, “JS Nigari series” works for delicate coagulation and maintains tofu as delicious as freshly made.

Silent Core

“Silent Core” is a tofu coagulation machine that features wingless centrifugal stirrer “C-Mix.”

Stirrer C-Mix works as the heart of this coagulation machine to produce strong stirring power without applying a load to the liquid, that means it blends coagulant evenly into soy milk in a short time without any damages to soy milk.

As a result, coagulation is done delicately and perfectly to the four corners of the mold and delicious tofu that tastes freshly is provided.

Comparison of cross sections of tofu

These two pictures are scanning electron micrograph of cross section of tofu (with a magnification of 1,000).

  • (Photo 1) Silent Core

  • (Photo 2) High-shear mixer

(* Photos by Laboratory of Bio-Sensing Engineering, Kyoto University)

Coagulant used for both is “JS Nigari Okinawa,” and low-shear mixer for photo 1 and high-shear mixer for photo 2.

With photo 1, structure of tofu cross section looks stable with perfect coagulation. With photo 2, structure looks partially torn.

With a delicate coagulation like shown with photo 1, tofu maintains fresh, delicious taste.

Coagulation effects produced by the combination of “JS Nigari series” and “Silent Core.”

  1. Can bring out natural flavor and aroma of soy beans.
  2. Emulsifying agents are not included, but can provide the slow-acting effect through stirring with a low-shear mixer for blending.
  3. “Silent Core” with a low-shear mixer prevents damages to soy milk during coagulation.
  4. Delicate coagulation maintains the fresh, delicious taste of tofu.


  • Q : Do they work with one-two system?
  • A : Basically no. Use a device such as Silent Core or other emulsion dispersion machine for coagulation. C-Mix also works for coagulation when attached to hand drill.
  • Q : Is it sure that “JS Nigari series” maintains delicious taste?
  • A : Sensory evaluation by Taiki Bussan proved that tofu made with “JS Nigari series” had maintained its delicious taste for 10 days.
  • Q : How about the manufacturing yield?
  • A : By combining “JS Nigari series” and “Silent Core,” coagulation is available without damages to tofu organization. As a result, tofu is having optimal moisture after coagulation, that leads the better yield.

User report on “JS Nigari series”