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Yashio Demonstration Factory / In-company laboratory


Regarding tofu manufacturing, its masters say that “the same tofu can never be made again,” and “tofu taste is changing depending on the temperature, soy condition and condition of those who are to make it.”

So Taiki Bussan has had a yearning to disclose the essence of tofu manufacturing “expert technologies.”

Of course “expert skill” cannot be imitated easily. But visualization of “expert technologies” should not be impossible.

As a first step to prove that it is not impossible, we stablished the factory in 2007, exclusively for tofu prototype experiments and demonstrations to enhance our capability of research, development and experiment of tofu manufacturing new technologies.

In 2015, we renewed tofu making plant and introduced new facilities such as steam cabinet, to enable research and development under similar environment to customers’, although the scale is smaller. At the same time, at in-company laboratory, we introduced advanced homogenizing disperser to enhance our capability of research and development.

We believe that Taiki Bussan has moved a few steps further through these activities.

Open experiments and researches we’ve worked together with our customers at Yashio Demonstration Factory and in-company laboratory have led us to find solutions to customers’ issues. These activities also have been useful to enhance our ability to make proposals.

Theorization and quantification of “expert technologies” should work for our customers to find specific solutions for issues on manufacturing sites, or to find new product development ideas.

Yashio Demonstration Factory continues to work as the brain of Taiki Bussan, to provide customers with services for improvements in tofu manufacturing technologies and assistances for development of new unique products.

Research and development facilities

Equipment Manufacturer Manufacturer Application
Grinder Nagasawa Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Grinding soybeans
Soymilk cooker SOEI Co., Ltd. Original soymilk plant “Perfector” Making soymilk
Squeezer Marui Industry Corporation ATOM Screw Squeezer MTS-SP type Separating soymilk from the pulp
Emulsifier/disperser Earth System 21 Co., Ltd. System Mag SRK Solidifying soymilk
Four-stage type pressing machine Dehydrating for firm tofu and fried tofu
Stainless bamboo leaf box For silken tofu
MK box For silken tofu
Asahi box For firm tofu
Aluminium box For firm and silken tofu
Simplified boil tank Making filling tofu and sterilizing tofu
Two-layer fryer
Two-layer water tank KE-OS Machinery Co., Ltd. HIYAKKO GT Cooling products
Packaging machine for type 2 package Otaka Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Packaging tofu
Packaging machine for round package Toko Kikai Co., Ltd. TOKOPACKSEALER Packaging tofu
Boiler SAMSON Co., Ltd. EB-120N Heat source