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Soybean cream / Soy whip cream
Soybean cream

Our “Soybean cream” and “Soy whip cream” are 100% vegetable cream products that don’t include animal products such as dairy products, as well as seven most-known allergenic substances.

One of their main ingredients is full-fat soy flour, processed with a patented method to remove the peculiar smell of soybeans while maintaining its functional components.

Coconut oil is also among their main ingredients, attracting attention as a vegetable oil that is easy to burn as energy and hard to accumulate in the body.

“Soybean cream” is made mainly from full-fat soy flour and contains “okara” ingredient that is usually removed when producing soy milk. Therefore, it is rich in dietary fiber, containing as much as 1.5%, while soy milk contains 0.2% per 100g.

“Soy whip cream” comes with whipping characteristic as its name suggests. With a blender or a stand mixer, it is easily to whip in a few minutes. Compared to conventional fresh creams, stabilized foam is made to hold its shape for long time.

They are good to add when making tofu. In addition, they will make a good chemistry with oil products, so, by adding when making silken fried bean tofu or deep-fried tofu, unique texture and flavor can be expected.

They can be used for wider applications including confectionery, bread, dressing and baby food. Can be used as a substitute for milk as well.

We are developing various recipes using “Soybean cream” and “Soy whip cream,” including of cream cheese and process cheese without animal products, yogurt fermented with lactic acid bacteria, sweet potato, pudding, hamburg, etc.

  1. Rich in dietary fiber ( *Containing seven times as much as does soy milk ).
  2. Comes with oil-in-water emulsion, to be blended with liquid quickly.
  3. Not include seven most-known allergenic substances, such as eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, shrimp, crab and buckwheat.
Soybean cream
Package 10 liters / Bag in bag
Preservation method Keep refrigerated ( below 10°C ( optimum 3 – 7°C ) )
Best-before date Within 12 months from the date of manufacturing
Soy whip cream
Package 1 liter: Tetra Brik x 6 bottles / 10 liters: Bag in bag
Preservation method Keep refrigerated ( below 10°C (optimum 3 – 7°C) )
Best-before date Within 9 months from the date of manufacturing